I have never been drawn to observing the different Sabbats with big ceremonial style rituals; they remind me too much of the pomp and ceremony of the religion I have left behind. However, having said that, I do whole heartedly believe that small meaningful rituals, tailored to one’s own beliefs are extremely important. So even though you will not find me casting a circle or calling the elements before a ritual, I will take the time to centre myself and cleanse my sacred space. Creating an atmosphere that facilitates a shift from the mundane to the divine is crucial.


This Autumn Equinox I have decided to create a personal gratitude ritual. I have no fancy tools, just objects that I have around the cottage or that I have found out in nature. These will be symbolising the abundance in my life right now and for the abundance yet to come. I have always used ritual ideas from the internet or from books, but this time I wanted to write something in my own words, something from the heart and I hope to carry on doing this from now on. (I believe that it is perfectly fine to use other people’s ideas, especially in the beginning when you are still gaining confidence). Here is my first attempt.

The Autumn sun faintly shimmers in the distance, holding court above the cool winds of the season. Cernunnos stands tall besides a mighty ancient oak, his breath making the falling leaves dance and twirl before they finally settle on the forest floor with their glowing shades of fire.
I see him watching me, the silent and powerful protector of the wild creatures. His lust for life is still radiating from the rich soil and I feel his free spirit all around me. The Horned One is now biding his time before he falls into a deep Winter slumber.
The last of the Autumn fruits and seeds have ripened and I can see the reflection of the Goddess shining down on me from the moon. Her lovely delicate hands have created an abundance of beauty all around me.
As the year wanes into darkness, she begins her metamorphosis into Crone. I watch her as she pauses on the threshold of fading light already deeply missing her consort.

This is when I take a moment to light a candle for the God and Goddess and reflect on my life and ask them to bless me with their wisdom and love. I also make an offering to them.

 Lord of the Harvest, bless these gifts as you bless me. Thank you for ………….(health, career etc)
 Lady of the Harvest, bless these gifts as you bless me. Thank you for ………….(family, home etc)
Blessed Mother and Gracious God, my love and devotion are yours. I am your child.

I now sit quietly with my eyes closed, listening for a possible message from the Divine. I then blow out the candles.

Thank you Lord and Lady for being present in my life. May my mind be fertile, may my actions be selfless and may my words be of healing to others.
I bid you both farewell.

I would love to hear how you hold ritual and whether it is something short and sweet like mine or whether you enjoy a big celebration to mark the turning of the year.

Many Blessings