The English people have lost their way and we are not the only ones that this has happened to. I have tried to pinpoint a defining moment when this actually occurred; the moment that had our ancestors abandoning their ancestral way of living forever; distressingly in most cases they had no choice.

In actuality, it has been an accumulation of many subtle and not so subtle decisions that have led us to where we are today; somewhere extremely far from where we originally started. Film, media, popular music and our schooling system have all recently contributed to the straying from our path, but the catalyst for the erosion of our traditional way of life has been the Christian conversion of Europe. Being torn away from our folkways has made us strangers to our own heritage, traditions, values and native spirituality and this has left us with nothing more than a yearning for something that we cannot quite put our finger on. Not knowing why we feel this way has some of us desperately trying to fill the void with a materialistic and sometimes hedonistic lifestyle, believing that this will lead to contentment.

For those who have come to the realisation that this emptiness cannot be filled with materialism, a look towards other cultures for spiritual wisdom appears to be the answer, but it will never bring a deep sense of happiness for long. Just like Christianity; Buddhism and other eastern philosophies for example, have nothing in common with our own innate European worldview, history and traditions.

I strongly believe that the problems we face today are all rooted in our severed heritage. Ancestral memory is coursing through our veins, screaming to be heard, screaming for us to listen to the voices of our forebears. We cannot allow their knowledge, wisdom, bravery and strength to have all been in vain. People travel far and wide to experience a spiritual awakening, but everything we could ever desire dwells inside of us; our very own ancestral blueprint and something that is so inherently ours. It is time for us to reclaim our birthright and revive what has been forgotten. We are the next link in the chain and it is our responsibility as guardians of our lineage to take up the mantle of preserving our heritage, culture, traditions and language, so that our children can grow strong and grounded in the knowledge of where they come from, who they are and what their place is in the world.

My purpose for creating Wytch Hazel Cottage is to share all that I have researched on the subjects of Old English traditions, northern European pre-Christian worldview and ancestral spirituality. Through my writing I wish to convey the importance of preserving these folkways for they have shaped who I am today and who I will become tomorrow. All of this in the hope of inspiring others to revive their own folkways.

Learning about where you come from and applying these ancient traditions, customs and wisdom to your own life will not only increase your self confidence and self respect, but also pride in your culture. So much of who we are has been watered down or completely destroyed and forgotten especially since the second world war. Heritage is the strong foundation of family, community and nation.

Hi, my name is Hazel and I am an Anglo Saxon Heathen who lives in the old kingdom of Wessex England with my husband and two children. When I am not homeschooling, researching or writing you can find me walking the lands of my forebears and conversing with the resident landwights.