As there have been quite a few people asking me questions about the Norse Gods and Goddesses, I have decided to do an A-Z, or should I say A-W of the Norse pantheon, starting with the God Aegir. I hope you find this series fun and interesting and as per usual, don’t hesitate to add to or ask any questions about what I have written.

Aegir ‘The Ale Brewer’ is one of several Norse deity connected to the sea and even though he is descended from the giants he is still recognised as a God.

He was known to rule all aspects of the sea and when he became angry, mighty storms were conjured up and seafarers along with their ships were swallowed up by ‘the wide jaws of  Aegir’.

His father was called Mistablindi which means ‘Mist Blind’ and his brothers were Logi, meaning ‘Fire’ and Kari meaning  ‘Air’.

Aegir’s wife was the cruel sea Goddess Ran and together  they had nine daughters called: Himinglaeva, Bylgia, Dufa, Blodughadda, Hefring, Unn, Hronn, Bara and Kolga. All these names are actually kennings for waves.

Aegir is not only associated with the sea, but also with the craft of brewing and he was famed for brewing the best home brew in Asgard. Every winter he hosted fine gatherings and was an extremely generous host. The floors of his home were covered with red gold known as ‘Aegir’s Fire’ and his guests’ cups never went empty for they would always magically refill themselves. Well, this definitely sounds like the perfect heathen party!

Brightest blessings,