Celebrating The Spring Equinox

The month of March is truly a time of transition. It is a time of the fierce tug of war between the harsh grip of winter that on some days refuses to let go and on other days spring’s soft tentative sun rays that slowly but surely break through our grey skies. Here in the south of England it is still cold and drizzly, however, the tree blossoms, flowers and birds remind me that spring is finally winning the battle. So to bring a little joy and anticipation of warmer and brighter days to come, here are a few lovely ways that you can celebrate the arrival of spring and Ostara.

Creating sacred space outside is a wonderful way to honour and soak up the energies of this time of year. After tidying up your garden you could perhaps decorate a little corner with handcrafted items such as mobiles, painted flower pots, prayer flags, wind chimes or even an altar or shrine on which you could leave offerings of shells, flowers or pebbles. These gifts can be left not only for a deity, but also for the land spirits that dwell here. Please don’t feel left out if you live in an apartment, just bring a little nature inside. Windowsills, shelves and kitchen counter tops can all be brightened up with plants, flowers and herbs.

This is an obvious one I know, but decorating blown eggs is an inexpensive and fun way to celebrate the spring equinox. These can be hung with colourful ribbons from windows or even from tree twigs that are placed in a vase. Experiment too with natural dyes like beetroot, dandelion flowers or onion skin. There are plenty of tutorials on Pinterest to help you with this.

Continuing with egg shells, a cute way of using broken egg shells is to put a little compost into half of one and then plant a bulb or some watercress seeds inside of it.

What better way is there to honour the Earth than to pick up litter from parks or beaches? This allows Mother Nature to clear her lungs and breath anew.

You can continue with the spring cleaning and decluttering that you perhaps started  at Imbolc. Let go of everything that is holding you back from being happy, be it on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. Clean with natural products including essential oils and even salt, all blessed with your own positive intentions. See if there are ways too that you can reduce your use of plastic and begin replacing it with paper, bamboo, wood and metal.

Once your space is clean, a Spring Home Blessing can be performed by walking around each room (not forgetting those pesky corners) with a smoking herb bundle, ringing a bell or even carefully flicking salt water. You could say a few words yourself perhaps like,”I bless and protect this space with the love and light of the Goddess.” It doesn’t need to be a grand occasion, just something small and simple, but it will really improve the flow of energy around your home.

Now that you have a clean fresh space, how about drawing your attention to yourself. A spring detox tonic that I use and love is simply made with a weed that you can find close to home which is called cleavers. I place a tendril of the sticky plant in a glass bottle of cold fresh water and I let it steep over night. In the morning I strain it then drink as is. If you wanted to you could add a splash of lemon to it, as it does have a particular taste.

Another detox drink is nettle tea which can be made by simply adding two cups of water to a cup of young nettle leaves and allowing the water to almost boil then leaving it to simmer for a couple minutes. Once it has been strained and slightly cooled the tea is ready to drink. Nettles are high in calcium. iron, silica and potassium and are perfect for when you are feeling run down and in need of a toxin flush. The best time to pick the young leaves are when the nettle are in flower, which is now.

Now that we are on the tipping point of the lighter half of the year, use the waxing solar energies in a manifesting ritual that will give your goals and projects a well deserved boost.

You could perhaps make your own Equinox water by filling a glass bowl with spring water and leaving it outside from dawn to midday on the day of the equinox. This can be used in your home blessing, your Equinox ritual or even to water your plants with.

A ritual for the passing of the dark half of the year can be performed on the Equinox using a white candle to represent the light half of the year and a black candle for the dark half.

This is the perfect time to do prosperity seed spells because you can use the energy of the germinating seed to fuel a goal of yours that you are wishing to achieve. All you need to do is plant your dream, written on a piece of paper, with some compost and a seed and the dream will grow along with the plant.

There’s still just enough time to get those bird boxes up. These are a great way to not only give birds a helping hand, but they can also be very decorative and brighten up your outdoor space. Insect hotels can be built easily and inexpensively as well, creating a wonderful haven for wildlife.

Are you lacking drive? Then why don’t you try meditating on the symbol of the lunar hare. This is a fabulous way to not only connect with your inner creativity, but also to ignite your fertile passion for life.

The easiest one of all is of course getting yourself outside, to the park, beach, forest or even an ancient site if you can. Just feeling the breeze and sun on your face, even if it is only for 5 minutes can do a magnitude of good for you on so many levels.

I would love to hear how you celebrate this time of year. Also if you would like to ask me any questions about what I have written or anything about living a holistic and earth inspired life then don’t hesitate to contact me; I would be more than happy to answer your questions.

Brightest Blessings,




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